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Custom HASSLE FREE Fertilizer Programs

ORGANIC  Fertilizer Applications also available

Step 1 ) Early Spring Pre - Emergent

1.An early spring application will promote faster spring green - up and recovery from winter stress. Included is preventative crabgrass control to help prevent crabgrass. Usually applied in late March thru April weather permitting.

2. A Broadleaf Weedkiller is used for those spring Dandelions with lots of food to build a thick, healthy, lawn. Usually applied in May

Step 4 ) Summer Weed and Feed ( September )

 Broadleaf Weed Control is applied with a granular food for your lawn. We will also monitor for bugs, grubs and lawn disease.

Step 2 ) Weed/Feed ( MAY )

Step 5 ) Fall Winterizer ( October and November )

Slow release granular fertilzer will be applied to feed the lawn thru-out the winter months.

Step 3 ) Insecticide/ Weed Killer ( June/July )

We will treat for surface feeding insects and monitor for grubs.


Tree injections are the lastest way to feed your trees without shooting the food into the ground and hoping that the tree will get at least half. Injecting goes right into the tree. You can see the results after the first time!

We also can inject an insecticide that lasts for 2 years. This protects your trees from the Emerald Ash Borer and all other insects that will damage and kill your tree.

Call us today for a free estimate. Large trees add value to your property. The cost of protecting the tree is the same or cheaper than when you have the tree removed after it had died.  You tree's health is worth it!